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Choose your pricing plan

  • Introductory Special

    Ideal for Beginners new to partner/ social dancing.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Introduces beginners to a few "social foundational" dance
    • patterns and steps to help you get around the floor.
    • This special is best for beginners (disclaimer: please note
    • that we will only provide instruction in beginner's steps
    • for this special. If you are an intermediate or advanced
    • student, not to worry, we have another special suitable for
    • you. Please be advised this Introductory Special does not
    • include any choreography such as may be done for wedding
    • couples or quinceanera dances.
    • Thank you for your understanding and being respectful of
    • our teachers' time and effort).
  • Wedding Special

    No Prior Experience Necessary
    • Includes (10) 1- Hour Dance Lessons + Free Choreography for
    • your special, 1st Dance $60/ per lesson
    • (with purchase of 10 lessons minimum)
  • Quinceanera Special: Father - Daughter

    Father Daughter Dance (or father figure welcome!)
    • Includes (8) 1- Hour Dance Lessons + Free Choreography
    • (with purchase of 8 lessons, at a specific location
    • at our Eastside location near Kolb / I-10).
  • First Timer's Special

    This is a special specifically for students, looking to try our services for the 1st time only.
    • Students attending by themselves will be provided a partner
    • via their instructor. Couples who attend together may
    • of course dance together with the instructor teaching,
    • assessing performance, and providing feedback.
    • Prices are: Single student $15. Couples $30.
    • Small group $20 per / person with 3-4 students in a group.
  • Dance Happy Hour & Early Birds) Special

    Dance lessons taken between 11a.m. - 4 pm (start times) will be discounted at select location(s).
    • when you purchase this package (which comes in a minimum
    • of a 10 hour block of instructions.

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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